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Joining the Betsat Brazil Affiliate Programme

Why should I join the Betsat Affiliate Programme?

The Betsat Affiliate Programme offers you the chance to earn significant monthly revenue.

How can I apply?

Click here to register now.

Does it cost to join?

No, the Affiliate Programme is totally free to join.

When can I start promoting Betsat?

You can start promoting Betsat as soon as you receive our welcome email confirming that your affiliate account has been activated Just log in to your account, get your banners and tracking links and start recruiting new customers.

Can I join the Betsat Affiliate Programme if I don't have a website?

In order to apply you will need to have an active website with content relevant to ours. If you don’t have a website, please contact [email protected] letting us know about how and in which country/ies you are planning to promote us in order to assess your situation and let you know whether you can become an affiliate of ours.

Can I use one account to promote Betsat to multiple websites?

Yes you can. However, you will need to inform us beforehand the sites where you wish to promote Betsat as we will need to review their content first to make sure that each one complies with our rules.

Can I use one account to promote multiple Betsat products?

Yes, one affiliate account can be used to promote ALL Betsat products.

Can I use my affiliate account to bet on Betsat?

Provided that you are entitled to open a client account with Betsat (please see our full Terms and Conditions) you will need to open a player account to enjoy our products. You can do this by clicking on one of the Betsat banners that you have on your site (better to clear your cookies first as you will have clicked on Betsat several times before).


When are commissions calculated and credited?

Commissions are calculated monthly and credited by mid next month.

How much commission will I receive?

You will receive 35% on the total net gaming revenue (sports, games, casino and poker) cumulatively.

What is net gaming revenue?

“Net Revenue” means Customers losses per month less (i) Customer winnings; (ii) Financial charges incurred by us; (iii) Customer Charge Backs; (iv) taxes; and (v) bonuses/free bets given to Customers by us.

How do I get paid?

All commission is paid directly into your preferred payment method (currently Skrill or Bank Transfer) in Euros.

Do you also offer CPA deals?

At the moment we are not offering CPA deals, however, we can discuss any proposal that would benefit both you and us. Please send us an email to [email protected]

Do you carry over negative balances?

No negative balances are carried over from one month to the next.

Are commissions calculated separately per product?

No. Commissions are calculated on the cumulative net revenue for all products.

Can I refer sub-affiliates and earn commissions from them?

If you are considering offering such an option, please contact us and explain the commission structure you want to give them and how your subs will be recruiting new players and as soon as we reach to an agreement, they can apply for the programme.


How can I withdraw my commissions?

The commissions are automatically sent to your preferred payment method monthly (subject to minimums - see next FAQ).

Is there a minimum amount I need to have before I can withdraw?

If your preferred method of withdrawal is Skrill, the minimum amount is €20, if you have selected to receive payment via Bank Transfer, the minimum amount is €200.

What payment options can I use to withdraw my commissions?

At the moment you can use Skrill or Bank Transfer.

Can I change the option I have for withdrawals?

Yes, you can select another method of payment via ‘My Account’. Please select from the dropdown menu ‘Affiliate Payment Preferences’ and then the Payment Method that you wish.

Promotions, Banners and Tracking

How do I create tracking links?

You will need to log in to your account, go to your "Marketing Tools", "Get your promotional materials", select the merchant you prefer (Betsat Affiliate Program –Betsat –Sportsbook/Poker/Casino and Games) and get the creative you prefer for your site. Click on the plus (+) button before the banner you like to get further directions on how to insert the specific banner on your site.

How do I get text links?

After you create a tracking link (above), you can use it on any banner and text links you wish to use on your website.

Where is the banner library located?

The banner library is located at "Marketing Tools" and ‘Get your promotional materials’.

Do you offer multilingual banners?

Currently we offer banners in various sizes in the English, however, if you need any other language, please let us know and we’ll try to accommodate your needs. Please email [email protected] and let them know the language/s you are interested.

Can you create different banner sizes on request?

We do offer this option on request to suit needs. Please email [email protected] with your requirements and relevant content (whether you prefer sports -which sport, casino, poker, etc.)

What if I want to get a customised landing page for my website?

Please email [email protected]/a> with your logo and the banners you want to use with and we’ll give you further directions.

How can I know my referrals are getting tracked?

As soon as you have your banners live, you can click a few times from different IPs and the day after you will be able to see in your traffic report the clicks you produced the day before. If you don’t find any clicks or you believe that something is wrong, then you should contact [email protected] with the details of the issue.


How long is the cookie duration?

The cookie duration is 30 days. This means that a referred player could navigate away from and providing that they return and register within 30 days, they will still be credited to your Affiliate Account.


How do I contact the affiliate team?

You can either login to your affiliate account and send a message or email directly [email protected] and one of the members of the team will answer to you promptly. You can also ping us via skype on Betsat_affiliates.

What can I do if I forget my login details?

You will need to contact the Affiliate Team to [email protected]

Terms of agreement

What are my responsibilities as an affiliate?

Make sure that your website does not have any broken links, agree to our affiliate Terms and Conditions and make sure that you adhere to them at all times.

Where can I find the full terms and conditions of the affiliate programme?

Please click here for our T’s and C’s.

Do you have an adult content policy?

We do not accept websites with adult content.

Do I need to send you any documents in order to verify my account?

We do not require any verification documentations for affiliate accounts, however, we reserve the right to ask you to verify your id and address before withdrawing your commissions.

Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you have any additional questions or creative requirements.