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How do I get paid?

All commission is paid directly into your preferred payment method (currently Moneybookers or Bank Transfer) in Euros.

Do you also offer CPA deals?

At the moment we are not offering CPA deals, however, we can discuss any proposal that would benefit both you and us. Please send us an email to [email protected]

When are commissions calculated and credited?

Commissions are calculated monthly and credited by mid next month.

Do you carry over negative balances?

No negative balances are carried over from one month to the next.

Are commissions calculated separately per product?

No. Commissions are calculated on the cumulative net revenue for all products.

What is net gaming revenue?

“Net Revenue” means Customers losses per month less (i) Customer winnings; (ii) Financial charges incurred by us; (iii) Customer Charge Backs; (iv) taxes; and (v) bonuses/free bets given to Customers by us.

Can I refer sub-affiliates and earn commissions from them?

At the moment we do not have a structure offered, however, you can contact us and explain the commission structure you would like to give them and how your subs will be recruiting new players and we will try to accommodate your needs.

€ .01 - € 10000.00 25.00 %
€ 10000.01 - € 20000.00 30.00 %
€ 20000.01 - € 30000.00 35.00 %
> € 30000.01 40.00 %